Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

Lessons From Shoes

Dinosaur Popsicles:)
Happý Halloween!!

The weather is probably cooling down quite a bit at home, but here, it is getting pretty dang hot! It is about 90 degrees right now, and will continue to get really hot as is it only the Spring. I am just so grateful that my mission is warm so no complaints!:D

Also, this work is absolutely beautiful. I love it so much, but sometimes there are harder days. On these harder days, Hermana Romero and I have learned to buy saltañeas, chocolate milk, bananas or TACOS!! For instance, on Tuesday, we were having a pretty hot, hard and dry day, so after 5 hours of tracting, we stopped to buy tacos and felt 110% better-taco tuesday:D
A taste of Bolivia
Funny: I sleep like a rock here, but my companion says that more often than not I preach in my sleep, haha! And, kind of funny, but she says I don't preach in English, I preach in Spanish! One night I think I was especially excited, because Hermana Romero said I sprang up in my bed and started excercising. I don't remember this at all, but she was laughing pretty hard in the morning!
Pica Macho - my favorite Bolivian food and our amazing pensionisa, Hermana Betty:D
Cultural: Tons of things are sold in the street (milk, fruit, peanuts, everything!) When people go about selling these things they use a rusty megaphone so every time I hear a product being sold it reminds me of the teacher in the "Peanuts Movie", because it is super muffled and makes me laugh every time:D

Spíritual: My companion, Hermana Romero, is amazing! She is such a great example to me especially because she is so diligent in the work and doesn't complain. The other night when we finished a day of walking 12.5 miles, I looked in her shoes and saw that the heel was completely thrashed and that she had practically been walking on a waffle iron! We fixed this the next day as we got some shoes from the mission president, but WOW! What an example she is to me!
Hermana Romero and her shoes

In our family email:
Also, if you have read the story of my companion and her shoes in the group email, awesome! She is such an example to me, but I have also been able to help her a little bit. Althoguh she is such a great example to me of patience, I was able to explain to her that "perservering to the end did not mean to suffer until the end!" This life is hard, but it is also so beautiful, and if we have problems, we should do everything we can to do our best to fix what is in our power and have patience and faith with the rest.

I love you all! Please know that you are all such great examples to me and that I pray for you every day:)
Hermana Garff
Bolivian Night

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