Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, October 16, 2017

Taking Things Very Seriously in Bolivia

Happy Halloween:D

First of all, I would love to give a big shout out to my little sister, Moose, HAPPY BIRTHDAY:D Also, I would just like to mention that this week absolutely FLEW by!!! It was full of miracles and we absolutely laughed until our stomachs hurt nearly every day, haha;D
We celebrated the birthday of this wonderful woman and her cute family. They are recent converts and the humblest of people. She is so incredible and is currently battling the trail of her husband´s relation with a 20 year old girl. Life is not fair, and it is hard, but when we follow the teachings of Christ, it is ALWAYS simpler and MUCH happier.
We were helping the elders contact in a new part in their area, and honestly,
it was so beautiful that we simply had to take a photo-shoot;)

Funny-pretty much all of the pictures that I took this week, but I think the winner definitely goes to the picture that I took with Hna Saari in exchanges. The funny thing about the picture with the pregnant ladies is 
that the one in the center actually wasn't pregnant-she just had a pot belly;)

We had exchanges the other day, and upon visiting a less active member,
we discovered this picture and totally decided that we had to act pregnant too;)

The less active member also gave us these chocolates shaped as is a good thing we left early because I totally would have begged for more little cat candies-they were SO GOOD:D

At this point, we should emphasize that Katie does really work hard in the mission field.  These photos and funny things are her way of balancing hard work with fun.  She takes missionary service seriously - she just does not take herself too seriously.  Back to the Blog...  
The secretaries have asked us repeatedly to take care of our cellphones.
it made me wonder why until we totally dropped our cellphone from a 2 story building;)

Cultural- I wore a seat-belt for the first time in Bolivia:)

My first time wearing a seat-belt in Bolivia, haha:)

Spiritual-My companion and i have been working really hard, but sometimes God challenges our faith and diligence. We have specifically been focusing on finding new investigators and prayed fervently for that this week. We really do work extremely hard and pleaded with God to see the fruits of our labors. And, God blessed us to find 11 new investigators who are ready to listen to the Gospel-so cool!
We are currently helping some investigators build a wall to protect their home, and, it is pretty darn solid! 
Happy Halloween:D - Again

I love you all. Please make good choices this week;)
Hna Garff
And, yup, this picture pretty much sums up our companionship-very serious!;)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Back to Work in Bolivia

Leadership conference-I love Pdte y Hna Montoya:D

This week was really great, but it totally FLEW BY! I learned so much, especially from my companion:) Hermana Andreve is the best. She is always laughing, joking around and with a smile. She is an extremly dedicated missionary and I am learning so much from her in the best and most efficient ways. She is from Panama, is 21 years old, likes to play volleyball and loves to tease me about marriage so she always prays for my extremely handsome husband to be;D
We celebrated the birthday of one Hna by decorating her mirror...yah, a bit lame, but at least we decorated the right mirror(we almost decorated that of her companion;)) AND we bought her brownies so THAT is a definite plus;D
Funny: There are a few pictures that I have attached that describe the result of making a cake for our pensionista. Despite our best efforts (and even saying a prayer before-hand so that everything would go well), she humbly told us that she would help us the next time;)
We made a cake for our pensionista and she was very humble in accepting it, but gave us a few tips, and timidly told us "nice try, but next time, we can do it together;)" She is awesome, haha!
Oh, and because the cake was so...interesting, she gave us a few pieces to savor for a later time...
and we fed it to the dogs, haha, next time;D
 I was sick last week, so it was my companion's turn to be sick, haha;)
She had almost the same thing that I had, but now we feel better:)
Cultural: Road kill is something that is very common, but the road kill that I have attached in one of the pictures has a very particular story. We took a picture of road kill on the way back from a service project and we came to find out later that night that it was our neighbor´s´s good we didn't start the conversation with "Oh wow, what stinks?" or "Wow, when will that get cleaned up?"...haha;D
Road-kill: pretty darn common;)
We worked with the Elders in our ward to serve one of our investigators, but we just ended up talking about the gospel, which was awesome, but lol, we didn't do any service, haha:)
Spiritual: I have learned so much about mission work from my companions but also from the elders in my ward. The elders are opening an area (which can be a very difficult thing to do), and my companion is still fighting a sickness, BUT they NEVER give up and they are always working hard to be as diligent as they can be, so cool:)

Have a great week!
Hna Garff

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Trip to the Hospital

Never a Dull Moment
Hey Everyone:)

I have a big announcement-I´m PREGNANT:D

Ok, not really, but we were in the hospital for two days because during the first session of General Conference I fainted, haha:D Really, it wasn't anything serious. I had a fever two days prior and the doctor told me that my temperature simply increased rapidly for about 2 hours and determined that that was the cause of the incident....BUT my companion and I think it was simply the Spirit:)
Earlier in the week, one of the packages we sent arrived.  Katie asked for Pepto-Bismal as it has been a highly requested item among the missionaries.  Yup - some ask for shoes or peanut butter - Katie requests Pepto-Bismal.  
Also earlier that week...
"A bunch of new Hermanas arrived in Cochabamba and we got the great opportunity to serve with 2 of them:D"
Funny/Cultural: The hospital really was the greatest because we laughed SO HARD:D I was searching for the button to move my chair up and down (because it is super fun), but I ended up pressing the button to call the nurse. They ran into the room all panicked, but we ended up making great friends with them:D fact, we ended up pressing that same button about 5 times because my companion was thirsty, my companion was hungry AND I wanted to walk around, etc., etc., etc, haha:D

One more funny story: Because I wanted to walk around, I started to get out of bed, but my blood started filling the IV tube and I started FREAKING out, haha:D So, yes, the pictures really show that pretty well, and also my prayer at the end of the day (arms elevated) in order to keep my blood INSIDE of me;D

Spiritual: Even though we only listened to the conference for 2 sessions, it was so special, becuase I listened to it in Spanish, and it was so powerful:D I loved that the main concept of the sessions were: be obedient, remember that God loves you and the family is important.

I definitely testify of those messages. I love General Conference, I love my Savior and I love my family:)

Have a wonderful week!
Hna Garff

As an ending note, we were able to communicate with Katie and she informed us that the medications they have had her take are beginning to work.  We are hoping for a full recovery soon as we are not too sure the hospital will welcome them back after their holiday there.  Honestly, they continued their missionary service while there as they made friends with the nurses and staff at the hospital.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Student Day, First Day of Spring, and Love Day

Part of the clothes from the night of the clothing is a good thing that Elders don't wear skirts;)
Hey Everyone:D
First of all, Happy Student day, first day of Spring and Love day (as of Sep 21st). It was a crazy party week in Bolivia, haha:D
During the conference we had a little family reunion because I got to see my two "hijas" from the mission together, so cool!

Hna Renovato is definitely a minion from Dispicable Me:) Her phrases, her laugh and...her size;D
We had a clothing exchange for Women's Conference and a few of the Hermanas went a little bit crazy... hahah:D
Also, yesterday we received transfers and I will be serving with Hna Andreve from Panama (more on her next week:)). Also, it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to my best friend from the misison (Hna Renovato). She really is the absolute best and her family is so blessed to get to see her tomorrow!
Hna Garcés and I wanted to make a surprise for Hna Renovato, so we bought the stuffed animals that represent us (Hna Renovato-racoon because she is very mischievous, me-monkey because I eat fruit all day and every day and Hna Garcés -hippopotamus because there is a song in Spanish that uses her of course we sang that every day;))
....yah, weird but I hope that made sense
We also tried to make her a cake...yah, TRIED! haha!
Funny/Cultural: The pictures really say it all. It was a crazy, funny and cultural week this week as we accidentally destroyed a cake, found a laundry mat and painted part of the city walls;)
We found a LAUNDRY MAT:D I LOVE laundry mats and now, have a very different love and respect for them.
Yup, this picture is a perfect summary of our crazy companionship;D
Spiritual: Yesterday, we taught an extremely humble man named Carlos. He didn't know how to pray and didn't understand that God and Christ were two separate beings either. But, upon learning those truths, his countenance changed completely and became very excited during the lesson:)
We had a missionary event in the church where all the return missionaries talked about their mission. It was AWESOME! Especially because I got to see the change in the missionary lessons. They started out teaching with HUGE flash cards, and then it got switched to a flip book, and now we have pamphlets. CRAZY:D
The original missionary planners, haha:D And, they weren't for 6 weeks, the paper only represents 1 week!
It was fun to see pics of the RMs in their missions, but more than anything, it was very educational for me. The blanket that you can see in the picture is the SAME TYPE of blanket that we use now...I am now much more motivated to take my blankets to my new best friend-the dry cleaners;)
These, (below), are more pics of baptisms in Sucre. His conversion story is amazing:D He was actually very closed off to the church (even when I was there), but little by little, through tons of little service acts, invites to activities and mini conversations, he slowly heated up to the lessons and got baptized by his dad (my convert):D

Missionary work is so cool!

I love you all and hope that all is well in SLC:D
Hna Garff

Look what I painted!:D JK, but it feels good to pretend sometimes;)

Monday, September 18, 2017

I Truly Am One of the Tallest People in Bolivia

Something that I absolutely love about this picture is that if I stood up,
I really would be taller than all of the young men in our ward, haha;D

I hope you all had a great week, especially my brother, Josh:) Happy Birthday Chubs, I hope you made good choices:D And, sorry, I am not going to write a lot, because the pictures really tell it all;) BUT, I hope you all know that I love you and pray for you every day:)
Our ward had a talent show night where every group in the ward did a traditional Bolivian dance.
It was so awesome (especially to watch my two favorite kids in the ward:))
We had a zone conference and I got to see Hna Condori (the hermana that I trained and one of the best friends I have in the mission:) 
Hna Reina: Also one of my best friends in the mission.
She taught me a TON during the exchanges that we had, including how to apply make-up again (I totally forgot!!)
Funny: I realized that I truly am one of the tallest people in Bolivia (see pics)
This is also one of my favorite pictures from the mission, because again, it shows just how tall I am here:D
This is a picture of me, my companions, and a member...
my feet are the ONLY pair that touch the ground while sitting down;D

Spiritual: We got to go to the temple with our recent converts this week, and it was such a wonderful experience:D They are so dedicated to the Gospel and want to have more and more of it in their lives. Rubén danced in the ward event this week and Angelo is seriously considering going on a mission (if not, he will get married in the temple the next year with his girlfriend). It is awesome:D
Sorry, it´s a bit dark, but this week we went to the temple with Rubén and Angelo.
They are our recent converts and they are the absolute BEST:D
One of the best pictures I have ever had taken of me on the mission, 
because it shows just how big of a dork I am;) 
I put on my jacket after putting on my taking it off was quite the process as I fastened all of the buttons on the front side;D
Love you!
Hna Garff