Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, October 24, 2016

Three Cheers for the Gonzales Family!!!

Bananas - the Drug of Choice
Not many pictures this week, but we did get a letter.  We have included a few of the things Katie sent to our family in italics.  We thought you might get a laugh out of them.

It is so great to hear about Fall and the leaves changing colors! I hope that you are all enjoying that great weather! Here, the weather is great too, just different:) It is very similar to the weather in Hawaii (just without the water, because there ain't no water here, haha!)

Funny: My companion is trying to learn English, and I am trying to learn Spanish. We have come to realize that the greatest way to learn these languages is to SING!:D The funny part is that the only songs I have taught my companion (besides gospel songs) are about dogs because there are tons of dogs here, and I guess that is just always on my mind! "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" and a song that Hermana Masina taught me in the CCM "Black Dog."

"In times where I am sad, homesick or discouraged (not often, don't worry:)), I either sing or TAP! The other week I was pretty homesick after emailing on Monday, and there were tons of changes with tramites, BUT God blessed us with a rainstorm, so... I sang and danced in the rain!:D I taught my companion the lyrics and we laughed for the rest of the stormy night! ...Also, thank you for encouraging me to play the piano. I use that talent more than you could even guess!"

Another funny is that lots of the young women members in my ward have a strong desire to marry "gringos" and have been making arrangements with me to visit my house after I return so that I can introduce them to all of my friends, haha!

Katie also cooked dinner for a family there.  She wrote home and asked for recipes that did not use a stove, an oven, a microvave or a crockpot.  Here were her words:
"Thank you so much for all of those recipes! I actually haven't cooked yet, I will be doing that in about an hour, so wish me luck, haha! I actually practiced with my companion the other day and it was DANG good."...
"I am worried about doing this, so please pray for me that I won't kill this family or burn down their house."

Cultural (to the mission:)): This week we had something called "tramites" where we hosted 2 other sisters so that they could get their passport information taken care of. It was so neat to be able to host them, because we arrived in Bolivia at the same time, and it was neat to be able to meet with them and see how they are doing!
The Gonzales Family
Spiritual: Last week I was feeling a little homesick after reading all of your awesome emails (thanks for writting me!). I love being here, but I am also so grateful for my home in Utah. I learned that even when I am having a hard time with homesickness, that my companion is always here to help me, and also God. I have witnessed SO many miracles this week including being able to meet the GONZALEZ FAMILY (friends of my friends in Utah, the Castillo family)! They are so kind, and they took 3 hours out of their busy lives to meet us, feed us, talk with us, and most of all, put up with my mangled Spanish, haha! God will always provide a hope and way for us to do His work because He loves us!

I love you all!

Hermana Garff

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