Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, October 17, 2016

Bananas, Cardboard Traps and Sublime

Hola Everyone!

This was another great week, where I learned so much, including opening my eyes to avoid cardboard traps, and what I find joy in during harder times!

Funny: When my companion and I were entering an investigators house to teach them, I accidentally fell into a hole that was covered with cardboard...I don´t know if that was there to catch wild aniamls, or even missionaries, but they definitely got me, haha!
A Little Break...
Cultural: There is one, big, general store here called IC Norte. It is great, and I love it, but people actually prefer to shop in the alternative, hole in the wall stores that are barred (to prevent theft), because it is much cheaper, and much more convenient as they are pretty much everywhere. I have come to love these stores too, because they sell bannanas for 25 Bolivians and this awesome chocolate called "Sublime" for cheap too. These two items bring me so much joy when it is super hot and when it is a harder day:)

Spiritual: For Zone conference I got to accompany a sister while she sang. We performed "I know that My Reedemer Lives." It was such a joy to play, because this is such a beautiful song, and it is actually pretty rare that anyone can play the piano here, so I loved being able to share that with others:)

Have the greatest week ever!
Hermana Garff
Seriously Katie.  Youa re not giving me much to work with here...

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