Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, July 3, 2017

"My Life Completely Changed After This Moment!"

"My life completely changed after this moment:D"
Many thanks to Sister Renovato for the photos
I hope you all had a great week!
Funny: Below is a picture of my agenda. Usually missionaries like to design their planners with pictures of Christ or an inspiriational quote. That is all fine and dandy, but personally when I am sad, I like to laugh. SO, I decided to decorate it with a selfie that my companion took. God didn`t exactly bless her with the gift of height;)
Cultural: We found CHURRRRRRROS:D And, not just any churros, churros with CARAMEL filling. My life completely changed after this moment:D 

Spiritual: I really liked a quote that my brother sent to me the other week. He told me that "fear paralyzes and faith frees." I found that to be so true this week and I really worked on simply exercising faith. We made extremely specific plans during the hours in which we didn't have any appointments. For ex: We are working to find a family of 3, so we made plans to pray before knocking on whatever door, and knock on 3 consecutive doors before changing areas. We also made plans to talk about the sabbath day in each contact. We also made very specific plans because that is part of what Christ did. In Matthew 10: 6-8 he specified whom his disciples were to teach, what they were to teach and their objective. And from verses 9-31, he gives them advice on how to find and help people with more efficiency. 
A Little Spanish Spot It
I LOVE my Savior, I LOVE the work, and I LOVE specific plan and at the end of each day.  It is incredible to go to bed knowing that I could not have done any more to fulfill the will of God that day!
I love you all:) 
Hna Garff 

Um...okay, lo siento, haha! I can`t send pics this week because there is a virus on this computer, BUT will be sure to send lots of good ones the next week;D
Also, my companion sent you some pics from her camera becauase I couldn`t. I have no idea what pics she sent, but enjoy them, haha! 

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