Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Different Take on Airport Restrooms

These are photos of our friends in Sucre.
You may remember them as the happy couple for whom we hosted a wedding:)
The woman pictured above is named Yaneth and she is incredible!  She just showed up at church one day and we have taught her ever since.  I love seeing these great people in white making covenants with God :D
Hey Ya'll:D

This was another incredibly amazing week absolutely full of miracles:D

Funny: There is an awesome family in our ward named the family Quakida, but the thing is it was really hard for my companion and I to remember their names, so we had to remember the phrase "quack quack" ...but know we just call them familia pato (which means the duck family, haha!)
This is one of my favorite pictures because it really displays the reason for why we usually don´t have water.
I love our neighbors....but NOT when they wash a lot of clothes;D

Cultural: We were in the airport the other day to drop of an Hermana, and decided to use the bathroom. Entering the bathroom was probably one of the best things I have done during my whole mission, because they were luxurious:D:D The toilet paper was super soft, there was soap in the despenser, there was a machine to dry your hands AND....there was WATER:D My companion and I were just laughing and having a blast when the other new missionary that we were accompanying told us that "maybe we had been in Bolivia for a long time", haha:D I love Bolivia!
For p-day today we had a barbeque with a member. It was awesome:D
This is a super sweet member who is almost blind and practically deaf, but is a complete sweet heart! She has been a faithfull member for over 50 years and still attends church every Sunday despite the physical difficulties that she has. We made cake with her and sang hyms:)
This is a plate that is really typical in Bolivia. It is called "false rabbit":)
Another typical plate in Bolivia:) I think it´s like their version of chicken noodle soup.
Spiritual: This Sunday was really chaotic, but the chaotic Sundays are the BEST because it is AWESOME to have lots of investigators attend church and it is AWESOME to have the members' trust to receive references. One of the biggest miracles was when we were appointed to a woman who wasn't a member and had just walked in the door. The amazing thing is that she is our investigator but only through a card contact on the street. We came to find out from her neighbors (who are members) that she had gotten all ready by herself and was extremely excited to go to church. It was such a cool experience and we are so excited to visit her this week!
We found 7/11 here!!!....
Not really, it was just a sign that was recycled, but it was so weird to see that here, haha!
Now that the weather is changing and starting to heat up, 
my companion and I have noticed that our tan lines too, have changed, haha!

Have a great week:) 
Hna Garff

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