Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, July 10, 2017

Not a Lot of Water, But Highly Ambitious Goals

This is Hermano Ruben. He is AWESOME and is going to get baptized this Saturday.
His son, David, is in the background and will baptize his dad. I AM SO EXCITED!
Oh, and he made us this famous Bolivian drink that was purple and lumpy and just the best:)
Hey Everyone:D

I hope you all had a great week, becuase this week for me was aboslutely hilarious and FULL of miracles:D

Funny: I tried asked one of our investigators if his baby had any hair (he had a hat on) "¡Su bebe tiene cabello?"...but I accidentally asked him if his baby had any ANIMAL HAIR "pelo"...whoops, haha!

No tocar is like saying, don´t ring this doorbell.
So what did we do?
We ABOSLUTELY rang the doorbell and ran;D
We heard a bunch of "wordly songs" from our neighbors house as we were studying in the morning, so we decided to burst into spiritual song...our neighbors turned down their music, haha:D

During intercambios this week, one of my best friends,
Hna Jordan y yo dibujamos el plan de salvación en el piso.
Fue increíble y SÜPER divertido:D
Cultural: Because we didn´t have any water this week, and hardly any the last week, we borrowed the other hermanas' shower but because there was hardly any time to race to their house and take a longer shower, my companion and I weren´t able to shave for two was super funny to put on our companionship goals this week "SHAVE";D

We made chocolates with a member this week was SUPER weird to use a hand mixer!!!
The super awesome member who taught us how to make chocolates. YUP she is my favorite;D
Spiritual: Luis, from Sucre (my former area) (and the amazing 16 year old boy who brought his family to church by himself) got baptized yesterday:D And, this Saturday we are planning on having two baptisms: Ruben, a 65 year old man who is incredibly sweet and has the greatest testimony of family, and Angelo, a 22 year old young adult who is seriously a miracle and has plans to get married in the temple, wants to receive the priesthood, a receive calling and help the rest of his family get baptized:D

Elder Higgins and Elder Warr-two of my super good friends.
It was awesome to laugh with them after their last zone conference:D
I LOVE the mission and I LOVE all of you. Have a great week and know that I pray daily for my good friends and family back in SLC:D

Hermana Garff
My planner....I LOVE my companions selfies. They are so funny because she is usually the only one that shows up in the pictures because of her height:D

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