Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, July 24, 2017

"Scratch It"

Through the herculean efforts of wonderful friends, we were able to get a few packages to Katie.  Pictured above is the wonderful family who took the packages on their second leg of the journey.  We are so grateful!

This morning we made french toast with a member and the other hermanas in our ward;D. 
This week was absolutely incredible because I was able to grow closer to my Father in Heaven, help lots of people in need, and help the missionaries laugh through my many accidentally dorky comments:D
I don't know if ya'll can see very well, but we gave Starbursts to a family after family home evening and they have HIDDEN the candies on a high shelf so that the older boys in the family won´t eat so many. Also, they have been rationing out their supply of Starbursts every day. Every day, one can only eat two, haha:D
We ate tacos TWICE this week and it made ME super happy but it put my companion completely in HEAVEN because she is from Mexico. Holy frijoles;D
We have debated putting in this next portion of Katie's letter.  It is most assuredly on the brink, however, it is deliciously Katie, so we decided to include this story regardless of its somewhat distasteful nature:

Funny: There was an elder who was in the hospital all week, so I asked him how he was doing and what happened. He proceeded to tell me a long and dramatic story so I kind of zoned out...BIG MISTAKE!! I started thinking about something that my dad always told me when I was sick. He always jokingly advised to "scratch it" which is definitely not the cure for absolutely ANYTHING!! haha:D So, I advised the elder to do the same and everyone started laughing uncontrollably. After I learned the location of the infection, this advice seemed a little less appropriate.  AWESOME!
The story continues because my companion and I wanted to make sure that he was okay and was improving. So, that night, we sent him a very considerate message "Are you scratching it?" ;D
Cultural: This week my companion taught me how to make a Mexican dish. It has rice, bananas, jalapenos and a tomato/cebolla sauce. Fancy;D
 This sweet old woman is named Doris and she is so funny:D she always loses the pamplets that we give her and usually forgets what we say, but she is learning slowly and surely:D
Spiritual: This week was a very special week. We were able to visit people who, simplemente, needed our time and our help. For example, on Monday we visited 2 very special people: A girl who is 13, wants to believe in God and in the scriptures but is finding it hard to. She works in her family's store every night to collect money, but more than anything, to strengthen her family relations because there is no love or unity;( We also had the opportunity to visit a teenage boy (16 years old) who had not had anything to eat or drink all day because he was worried about his mom who had been abused by his older sisters. 

The world is so imperfect. There are incredibly sad things that happen that shouldn't, but we are so fortunate because we have the Gospel of Christ in our lives to lead us and guide us along the rocky paths. It is a message of hope and happiness that can bring us the greatest joy. We just have to choose to follow it!

I love you all! Have a great week!
hna Garff
Yes - Skirt over a dress.  Making the wardrobe work:) 
We paid for gas the other day and we were so stoked, haha!
This was actually to pay for the gas oven.  They apparently have the only oven in the mission area, which is a big deal.

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