Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy Bolivian Independence Day!

So this wasn´t exactly a good picture of anyone, but YES:D The baptism went so well and Rodrigo is the best! 
Something rather dumb, but before filling the faunt, we forgot to clean in desparation,
I tried to clean the faunt by individually picking up the floating garbage, haha
I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Bolivian Independence Day:D It's crazy, because hardly anyone has their stores open today, everyone has flags adorning their houses and nearly all of the cars are decorated with the Bolivian colors. It is awesome! Also, it's crazy because this last week I completed 1 year in the mission. I definitely don't feel like I have been here for a year, but when thinking about my awesome friends and family back at home, it most certainly does feel like a year, so time is crazy in the mission, haha!
To celebrate 1 year in the mission and also, to appreciate Ice cream sandwhich day,
we, OF COURSE, ate ice cream sandwiches during intercambios! (exchanges)
We had an awesome dinner with our neighbors, but it was weird,
because usually we don´t eat dinner, haha!
Sometimes when the food is really good, one can´t help but lick the plate;D
Funny: The mother of two of our recent converts came to church which was AWESOME! She is such a great person, but the only thing is that I guess I was a little too excited because I accidentally spilled some of the sacrament water on her pants, haha! But the BEST part was that after I apologizedd perfusely, she just laughed and said, "Don't worry, now I am blessed", Haha! I love her!
Hna Renovato and I decided to clear the house of the old clothes from past hermanas.
But before doing anything, we had a pretty grand time playing dress-ups;)
We usually buy and eat the same food every single week, and here is a picture of evidence:)
This is Hna Jordan, eating the same breakfast of papaya, milk and granola
that she has eaten for the vast majority of her mision, haha!
Cultural: We helped our zone leaders change houses because they had tons of mold growing on their wall. But, because they live in the city, their water is also a bit dirtier and comes out yellow and sometimes with cute little insects. YUM! But, honestly, it was also a culture shock, because it was so AWFUL to enter the home of was like entering a fraternity house...but without the beer;)
What the Elders buy on p-day...
What the Hermanas buy on p-day
Chilenos talk like what did we do?
We gifted two parrots that squack at the speed of light to their rightful owners;D
These parrots were imported directly from SLC - we knew that Katie would help them find a great home.
Spiritual: Rodrigo got baptized:D He is such an AMAZING person and it was so neat to hear his testimony at the end. He heard a lot about the blessing side of things from our lessons, but really, he got baptized because he loves God and wants to show his love for Him. I love being a missionary!
A family home evening that we had with a recent convert (Ruben:)) and our pensionista....
we decidded it needed to be programmed, because we are planning their salvation little by little;D
Probably one of the spiciest things on this planet for me to handle, but for my companion, aboslutely NOT! 
She eats at leats 5 of these pepers every day! But seriously, when I eat them, my throat BURNS, my nose runs like crazy and my face starts turning bright purple. Yup, probably not the food for me.

My companion after eating too much;D
Have a great week! I love you all!
Hna Hey!:D
Katie had the opportunity to see Hermana Lopez once more.  Hermana Lopez was kind enough to send this photo to us.  Katie loved serving with her and we are so grateful to her for all that she taught Katie and for the joy that she seems to carry with her always.

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