Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference, Conference, Conference :)

"My Favorite Picture"
Hello Everyone:D
This week was GREAT! It was absolutely hilarious and I would love to describe it, but I would also love to describe my companion before we might have transfers:) My companion is Hermana Beltran and she is from Colombia. She is 28 years old and will finish her mission in May. I really respect her for her honesty and think her examples in lessons are great for our investigators! 
Hermana Beltran from Colombia
These are the cutest girls ever :)
Their names are Gabby and Danny
and they have the voices of angels.
They really ARE angels :D
Funny: We went to visit a family, and the little kids let us in to help them with their homework. While my companion taught some math, I decided to sweep. While I was sweeping, I discovered their older sister hiding in a closet, haha:) We laughed and talked for a bit and are now, excellent friends! We also had a drawing contest which is added in this email. Needless to say, we decided that I needed drawing lessons, haha!
The Drawing Contest :D
"The Baby", haha :)
Cultural: Another funny moment was when we knocked on a door to meet with a woman, but ended up talking to the nanny because the woman had not returned from work. We were talking for a good 10 minutes when she all of a sudden panicked and told us she needed to get the baby. We thought, great idea until she reappeared with a baby bird in her hands....Perhaphs babysitting priorities are a bit different here for different people:)
One of the cute Hermanas in our zone who has trapped a spider in her bed post with tape, haha :D  She checks on it every night to make sure it is still there; arachnophobia - what a thing, haha :D

I got to see my hija again today as we are in Cochabamba for a leadership conference.  She is doing so well and is one of my dearest friends.  What a blessing that was to see her!
Spiritual: Women's Conference and General Conference were absolutely incredible and I really enjoyed the sessions. I absolutely needed to hear the messages-especially about confidence in God. I love conference talks and I am so excited to apply them to my teachings:D
I love you all. Have the best darn weeks of your lives:D 
Hermana Garff 
We always receive green mandarins for our dessert after lunch.  This is great, but they are green and just not as good for a bit of time, haha :)  One day, we discovered we had 15 mandarines, and contemplated contacting with them. haha!
A Night in Bolivia

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