Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pictures y todavia MAS, jajaja!

Fried broccoli... not one of our favorite dishes,  haha!
A cute family that we have been able to teach for these past few weeks:)

Our companionship friendship bracelets:D
These next few photos were taken as we were touring the Catholic church on P-day, haha:D  
We got to see pretty much all of Sucre from this beautiful view.  It was amazing!

We invited all of the Hermanas to our house to learn how to make no-bake cookies from a new gringa in the mission:)
Blurry photo - sorry - we just post all we can get
Right now we are having a Jesus marathon, haha:)
When we are preparing and eating breakfast, we have found that it is a fabulous time to do the marathon;)
But...sometimes when you are focusing too much on the Jesus marathon, you forget about the toast, hahaha:)
My companion is a saint though, and she still ate my hockey puck toast;D
THIS was the comida from LA PASCUA, hahaha; D  the funny thing is that I didn't even question it before eating it.  I just took a picture because it made me think of a rainbow.  Truth be told, we eat this sort of food all the time here, but now looking at it, I know I would have been extremely skeptical before the mission, haha!
My companion hit 9 months 2 weeks ago so we celebrated with pizza.  This companionship is awesome because I too, will hit 9 months during this transfer together:D
We were offered this interesting seed water in the street, and it is rude to say no, but it is also a rule that we can't drink things directly from the street, so we made her feel good by taking a picture and asking if we could put it in our water bottles for later...haha;)
Dogs are seriously EVERYWHERE here, haha:)  If we counted, I think we could report 200 different dogs every day.
People never wear seat belts here, and it is very common to sit in the back of the cars, like we are right now;)

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