Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, May 29, 2017

Bolivia's Finest Cuisine

Salteñas make everything better, haha!

I hope you have all had a great week and were able to see lots of miracles in your life, because I sure did this week:D One of these great miracles was seeing my favorite older brother, Josh, home. What the???, I thought he was going to die out there, haha:D Congratulations Chubsy! And, for all friends and family, enjoy your time together. He is the greatest!!
The rock hard hockey-puck cookies that we made for our dear Relief Society, haha!
Funny: We decided to make cookies with Hna Ines, our pensionista, for Mothers´day:) It was all great until we realized they were pretty black on the bottom and had the grand opportunity to harden even more at night because there are no ziploc bags we arrived in church and were excited to give them out up until we gave a freebee to Carolina (Luis´sister) to try. When we saw that this 10 year old girl humbly tried to hide the cookie, we started laughing so hard, and started sorting our our options. In the end, we ended up gifting the hockey pucks to the mothers, but WOW it was HILIARIOUS to watch various mothers try to "save them in their bags for later" or dish them off to their kids, haha!!
Perhaps we all have different talents, and mine may not include baking;D

Our Decorations for the Wedding

The soup to start the wedding feast...;)

The brown brew that was served all throughout the 5 hour celebration (it tasted like watery peanut butter and smelled like coffee....very suspicious, haha!)
Culture: WEDDINGS:D We had a wedding this week for two of our progressing investgators. They really were excited to be married despite their happy picture below:) Emiliano, the husband, cried for one of the first times in his whole life!
The Happy Couple
Spiritual: We were able to see lots of miracles ths week, one of which was an amazing 15 year old investigator, LUIS:D and his family. Luis´sister has been very sick for multiple months and will likely die in a few weeks if she doesn´t get a certain sergery in the hospital. Because of this event, Luis has not been getting lots of attention and has actually had to fill the roll as the dad in the family. He has not been in school for 2 years, but has re-enrolled today:D During lessons he is also INCREDBLE!! Al escuchar que Jose Smith vio a Dios y Jesu Cristu, he was wide-eyed and shocked with revelation:D He has a baptism date for the 17 of June and he will likey complete this goal. He is so excted!! 
Just to explain his potential a little bit, he was waiting for his mom (less active) to take them to church on Sunday, but she never showed up. Hurridely, he took a micro to arrive at church, grabbing 2 of his siblings to go with him. Al entrar la reunion sacramental, he was absolutely destraught to enter and find that the first hour was over, but was elated to find out that there were still 2 hours more to church:D At the end, he told us that he wished there was more. WOW!! THIS is one of God´s elect!
These are two cute kids who want to serve missions.
This is their misión fund, so of COURSE my companion and I contributed:D
Washing dishes with HOT water in the mission home, what the heck, haha:D

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