Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, May 8, 2017

9 Months and Counting

Hello Everyone!

I hope it was a great week for ya'll as it was amazing week for me. This week was absolutely full of miracles!!!! Below, I have described two miracles that were absolutely incredible!
My first glass of ice water in the mission!
Funny-We were about to head home at 8:50 at night, when we decided to contact just one more person. This was a great motive, but we were extremely tired and we weren't the best at listening to one another`s questions....we approaced a woman holding a baby on the street and my companion asked ¨is this your child?¨ to which she answered, "I don't have any kids.¨Directly after, I accidentally asked the same thing, and to top it off, my companion concluded the contact with the inspired question ¨How many kids do you have?¨SOLID, haha! We came to find out that she was 15 years old...sweet!
For the Leadership Conference this week, one of my best friends in the mission had the same dress.  It was awesome!
My companion is so funny! She is so caring to everyone...especially the dogs, haha!
Cultural-We were in the mission home for a leadership conference (which is an american designed home) and we were able to help our mission presidents by washing the dishes. This was extremely enjoyable, because we both forgot that hot water in the sink existed, haha! 
For P-day today, we visited the Cristo negro. It is a place where people offer sacrifices and have other bonifires to worship God. Here are some pics...
We at home appreciate this "Pensive Pose" - Thanks Katie!

Spiritual- We were walking on the street one day, when a young boy ran up to us and asked us if we were the elders, haha:) We visited this young boy and his family in their house this past week and we were able to meet this wonderful family. Half of the family are members and the other half are not, but they have strong desires to get baptized. This family is extremely humble, and they recently moved here from Chile. Their 20 year old daughter is particularly special. She has 3 kids and desires to be baptized to follow the example of Christ and to be a good example for her kids. Her life, however, is extremely difficult. Currently, she has a serious illness which has caused her to lose 40 pounds over the past 2 months. Later that night, the elders in our area gave her a blessing of health and as we drew near her bed to ask how she was feeling, she said, with tears in her eyes, ¨I have faith. I have faith that God can heal me.¨ 

We were knocking on a door to arrive in an appointment that we had when a little girl answered the door and told us that nobody was home. I love the little kids here, but, more often than not, they don't tell the truth, so we asked her if she could simply call her mom. While she ran inside to get her mom, I felt the strongest impression to ENTER THE HOUSE. I have NEVER done this before, and was extremely hesitant to invite myself in, but I followed the impression, and as I did, my companion looked at me in horror, but YES, haha, we entered the house. The woman looked a bit startled, but she invited us to sit down and we had one of the most amazing lessons with her!! We came to find out that her husband and father were extremely abusive, her daughter was paralyzed and she feels utterly and completely alone. Following the spirit is not always easy, but it is incredibly important. She NEEDED us, and the spirit helped us to do that!

I love you all!!

Hna Garff
To celebrate and mark 9 months, I burned one of my jackets, haha!
We at home are not sure what inspired this move.  We likely should just send more jackets.

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