Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, January 23, 2017

We Speak For The Trees

These flowers smell and look amazing.  They are scattered in our area - Such a blessing!
My companion trying to smell the flowers (height is a challenge sometimes:))

Hello Everyone:D
This was another great week! Our area is progressing very well, and and we were able to see so many miracles! 
We bought Bolivian backpacks because we wanted to feel Bolivian, haha!:D
Cultural/funny: The toilets here are very special; especially the one in our house. The pluming is very fragile, so toilet paper is disposed of in garbage cans. Our toilet has been "broken" since the day I got here (there is no water, it won`t flush, it makes weird sounds)...plain and simply, I have had a great fear of this toilet from day one, ha! However, the other day, our house owner came to fix it!:D I am proud to announce that it is very close to being fixed, wahoo!:D
This photo is SUPER funny, because it really depicts our life.  Life is always good when you have bananas, and our beloved toilet accidentally made the picture.
Spiritual: Katherine Cordova is the name of one of our investigators, and she is simply amazing! She is 11 years old, but has an incredible love for the Book of Mormon. One of the greatest miracles this week was seeing the phrase "I love to read the Book of Mormon" on her screensaver. We are working rapidly towards baptism with her, but her family is a little slower in the process. 
Have the best darn week of your lives! I love you all:D
Hermana Garff

90+ Degrees and Sunny
This is a tree that I ALWAYS run into if I am not paying attention (again, height is an issue)

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