Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year with Grapes, Paintball, Underwear and Johnny Lingo

The kids here LOVE the little figures and CTR rings. Thank you for sending them! I don`t think they receieved anything else for Christmas. Their eyes just ignited at these figures! They are small, but mean so much! 
Happy New Year!:D

Cochabambinos celebrate New Years a little differently. For different desires people wear different colors of underwear! Green=peace, Red=love, Yellow=money. So of course, I wore yellow, but on the outside:D Also, people make a wish on 12 grapes for the 12 different months:) Thus, we celebrated New Years with burritos, grapes, and Johnny Lingo!:D

Funny: When we were caroling in the park last week, we decided to contact the grinch:D
Paintball with our Zone :D
Also, the other day we visited one of our investigators named Cielo (she is 12 years old), and we asked her what she got for Christmas. She proudly puffed out her chest, motioning that she had received her shirt for Christmas. I was excited for her too and noticed that there were some words in English, so I mimicked her proud attitude, and read loudly, "the worlds best mother" companion and Cielo know English pretty well too, and as I read the words, we all slowly understand the meaning...and simultaneously, started to laugh:D
Cultural: The people work so hard here, and usually, in very monotonous work. Theodora is one of these amazing people. She is about 60 years old, starts work at 9 in the morning, finishes at 7 at night, and walks the same streets every day hoping that people will buy her ice cream. She has been doing this work for 30 years and will likely do this until she can`t walk anymore.
Body Combat Class
Sprirtual: We have some great investigators right now (probably around 30), and I want to describe two of them:)
1.Eloy: Eloy is about 60 years old, and works as a security guard in the streets. He knows that the Book of Mormon is true, is anxious to attend church with us next week, and we are working towards a baptism with him in February!
Visiting the Temple with Adela
2. Hernan and Adela: Adela is a sweet, little, old lady that always likes to pinch my cheeks and tell me that I am beautiful, haha:) She sells peach juice in the street all day and every day...that is like having a constant lemonade stand, she is such a trooper and knows how to bring a smile to everyone`s face! Hernan is her son and has lots of interest in the church. Together, Hernana and Adela are happy but their lives are really difficult. Oftentimes they do not have enough money for food, but nevertheless, they are very insistent on sharing their food with us. One of the quotes I loved hearing from Hernan was "Happy: I have never felt this way before. I feel differently when you are in my house, because I feel like I have real friends. And with the Gospel, I feel hungry to learn more."
Mas Legos :D
It is such a blessing to be able to serve these people in Cochabamba. They are so strong, so humble and such great examples to me.

They give all that they have, so so will I!

I love you all, Happy New Year! 
Hermana Garff
Underwear for Wishes in the New Year!
Happy New Year!

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