Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, January 9, 2017

We Laughed Every Day This Week

The Zone - Complete with Hermana Mitchell:)
We visited the temple this week
Hola y Feliz Año!

This week was absolutely hilarious! Every single day we laughed, and for good reason too:D

Funny: We were contacting a man in the street one day, and he was awesome! But when we tried to make a future appointment with him he said that he would call us in the future...when we hear this, more likely than not, we know that we will not receive a call. Thus, after we "ended", we decided to follow him to his house, haha! We followed him for a good 10 minutes, and came to realize that he lived right accross the street! We knocked on his door the next day and met his wife who displayed absolutely no interest, but later that day, she called us and asked if we could meet with her neighbor! This was just crazy awesome! When we met with her neighbor, we realized that she was deaf, so she gave us a pamplet and on top of spanish, we will be studying sign language too! The last part of the story is pretty crazy too! The initial women who at first wanted nothing to do with us decided that I was better than she thought, and so she introduced me to her 24 year old son and announced that we were going to get married and sealed in the "Temple of those Mormons", hahaha!
It is always a good day when you match the flowers at the temple:)

One more story, becuase it´s just too good! I was describing and planning a family home evening lesson to an investigator and I meant to say that at the end, we would play games, but I accidentally said "jugar con juguetes" which means, we will play with companion and I laughed pretty hard about that one after, haha!
We eat about 30 bananas and 15 apples every week. The other day, our pensionista introduced us to an "apple banana" life has been for ever changed!
This is an autistic boy named Kevin. Kevin is so great, and I will never forget him, becuase I have about 50 pictures of him on my camera...he likes selfies, haha!
Cultural: In spanish the phrase "no" is used a lot to verify things. For example: We have a lesson with you today, no? But it sounds negative to me, so I like to say "yah". This isn´t terribly incorrect, but it is not common either, so everyone has been asking me if I am German...I guess the answer is "yah"!

The Breakfast of Champions:  saltines and ice cream:D
Spritual: This week I learned to really "trust in the work." The only real obstacle in the mission is second appointments, becuase people forget, life is busy! With this, Hermana Condori and I have been writing sticky-note reminders to help people remember, and be held accountable. Also, when our appointments do fall through, God has blessed us to meet some great new investigators through contacting, and antiguo investigadores tambien. It is so awesome to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands, and I am really learning how to trust in the work. In other words, we are always in the right places at the right times to meet very specific people or to learn very specific lessons.

One day I saw this poor dog with a cone on, so I decided to take a picture. When we were taking a picture, the owners came out, and thanks to this dog, we have some great, new investigators!
Have a great week and good luck getting back into school and work. I love you all and pray for you every day!

Con Amor,
Hermana Garff

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