Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, January 16, 2017

Loving Bolivia

Graciela's Baptism
Graciela's Baptism

Hey Everyone:D
Happy January! It is a balmy 70-90 degrees here (it depends on if there is rain:)), but I hope that you are all enjoying the snow:) It was a great week in Bolivia! We had a baptism and three of our investigators attended! (more details below:))
Our Zone
Funny and Cultural: Onions, they are served with every meal here. Thus, I have tried making meals for my companion with them, but I didn`t realize that they were prepared in a special way (with lemons or water to dim the odor) until this poor companion have politely been eating my "odorous" food for WEEKS, hahahaha:D 
Breakfast to celebrate transfers
Bolivian Nights
("This title goes very well with the introduction song in Aladin;)"  Yes, that was straight from Katie)
Spiritual: A wonderful woman named Graciela was baptized this week. She has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and is always very excited to see the missionaries in the street and attend church. What I love most about her is that she truly understands that the Gospel is a light:) She was primarily taught by the Elders in our ward, but we were able to help a lot in the process, which was such a blessing! 
Somos Bolivianas;)
Additionally, three of our investigators were able to attend the baptism to prepare for their own baptisms: 
-Eloy arrived 30 minutes before the baptism and was wearing a suit and tie:) He remembers his baptismal date (Feb 11) very well and asked lots of very good questions to prepare for his own baptism! 
-Hernan arrived with us, and was also very interested in baptism. We don`t have a date with him yet, but he is progressing very well, and we are excited about his progress.

Katherine made us matching Friendship Bracelets

Katherine is 11 years old, and has a complete heart of gold. She loves it when we come to visit her, and she always completes her assignments and enjoys discussing what she read/watched with us. She wants to be baptized and mentioned that her main goal right now is to become a missionary in the future:D
Have a solid week! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I truly can feel it:D
Hermana Garff 

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