Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, November 28, 2016

Pictures - and Only Pictures, But We Will Take What We Can Get

First Baptism
From Josh (Katie's brother who is currently serving a mission in Tahiti):

Congrats on the baptism! I hope it was a great experience!

Also, is everyone in Bolivia shorter than 5 feet? You look like a giant in this picture...

We are sure that Katie loved that.

First an apology for the photo on November 14.  Katie and her companion were standing in front of a sign that meant something different than we thought.  Katie recently told us what it meant, and despite the fact that it does not remotely compare to the respectable and somewhat serious nature of an overwhelming majority of missionary blogs currently being read and written, we have decided to leave it in, without an explanation.

This week we got loads of pictures from Katie, but very little text.  Hopefully these pictures will paint a thousand words:
Katie received her first paskage this week.  Many have been sent, but this was the first to arrive.  We are hoping that the scriptures (Spanish) that were sent prior to her departure will arrive before she returns home from her mission.  

Hermana Romero helped Katie open this package.  She may have been a little shocked at the ridiculous nature of the contents, but she just might understand after being Katie's companion for these past months.

Katie and Hermana Romero have been helping this family paint and construct a new room
Family Sanchez
Their awesome son Fernando (8) has been helping them encourage the whole family to come to church:)
Best Darn Picture Ever.  There is not a lot of graffitti in Bolivia, but when there is, the artwork is pretty prime:D
The Artist of this great work.  This artwork is right outside of the artist's home.  We walk past it every day.  When we were finally able to meet him, we HAD to take a picture:D
This woman is so great!  She is a member and her husband is an investigator.  We saw her on the streets one day hauling all of this paper to be recycled.  She will turn it in so that she can receive new paper.
 It was awesome to help her out!
12 Semanas - FINISHED!
This is a program developed for the first 12 weeks in the field.  It has tons of doctrine, movie clips, practices, etc.  We celebrated pretty darn hard when I finished by dancing and singing around the house - Ha ha!
Incachaca, The JUNGLE!
This is such a pretty place!  It reminded me of Tarzan - minus the gorillas
Gorillas in the Mist

My District :D

The Jungle Group

There are lots of wild dogs in the streets and sometimes they take the liberty of following us around, so of course I belted out "Dumb Dog" from Annie:D

Hermana Justa with me and my companion :D  She is an incredible woman!  She is 72 years old, but insists on accoumanying us (sometimes all day), 1-2 times each week.  Shie is an ANGEL, but she talks super fast, so I usually have no idea what she is saying.  From what I can discern, however, she has made plans to visit me when I return from my mission so that I can introduce her to some gringos, ha ha!


  1. She radiates! I love reading her fun adventures. Cool photo of her first baptism-cute family.