Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last Week at the CCM (That's MTC in Spanish)

The Best Study Bench in the World
(Located under their favorite palm tree)
Hello everyone!
This week has just flown by, and we received about a hundred more missionaries! They were all so wide-eyed and full of excitement which was really neat to see! Also, it´s crazy to think about, but we started packing to leave the MTC today! I love the MTC, but I am also so excited to serve in Bolivia next week!
Katie and Sister Masina with some friends they made at the CCM
Katie has really loved these people, and it is not just because she enjoyed the pancakes that she could request at any time.
These two wonderful gentlemen fixed the plumbing in the girls' dorm - Roberto and Alberto.  It's good to know good people!  

We have decided as a family to omit part of Katie's entry this week.  It seems that there have been a few pranks played this past week that would detract from the serious nature of the work in which they are engaged.  Needless to say, they have not lost their sense of humor.  We offer in replacement, the following.  It is an excerpt from a letter sent to Rachel:

This week I have been playing a lot of cage soccer and it is so fun! Playing soccer with Jas is so fun, and I love playing again, weird, haha! The only person I could play soccer with forever was you because it terrified me! Also, I have a PRIME story for you! Our teacher announced that he was having a baby girl and so we all started shouting out names. When it all got quiet, I raised my hand and said "platano" (which means banana), haha! It was so funny and we all laughed forever. I tell you this, because it was something I thought you would TOTALLY say!

Last P-Day with Sister Masina
All of the hermanas have been laughing about these (the omitted pranks) ALL WEEK! Amazingly enough, I think Hermana Masina and I have laughed even harder.  This was included to let you know that they are having a lot of fun.  Please know that they are still working hard and learning a lot.  They just prefer to enjoy the journey:)
Lots of people put "Only Spanish" on their nametags, so we decided to switch things up a bit.
A few more friends at the CCM
Cultural moment: I´m pretty sure that Hispanics cut apples the traditional way-with a knife, but the cultural moment definitely goes to my companion who showed me how to chop an apple in half with my head. It was great!!
The Devotional Singers
Spiritual moment: This week I had the great opportunity to sing in a quartet with Hermana Masina, two other elders in our district and Elder Bagley (on the piano). We sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace" in Spanish, and it was so neat! We all loved bringing the spirit into the meeting that way.

Have a great week in school/work and enjoy watching the football games!

Love, Hermana Garff
Bunk Buddies
Words cannot hope to express our gratitude for Sister Jaslyn Masina and her wonderful family.  They, along with the marvelous residents and staff of the CCM have made these first few weeks of Katie's mission a joyful experience.  We are delighted that Katie has had the chance to learn from such amazing individuals.  Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all who have helped her along the way.

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