Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Friday, September 2, 2016

Goodbye to Disneyland on Friday!

A Note from Hermana Pugsley
Sister Annie Pugsley left the CCM just hours before Katie arrived.  She was kind enough to pave the way for her - especially by leaving a fabulous dress and a note for her.  We love you Annie!!!
Hello Everyone!

This was another great week! I probably should have described this earlier, but the MTC is a lot like Disneyland:) There are colorful little houses everywhere, the kindest of people, and there are garbage cans every few steps! Also, I was running with my companion earlier today, and we were running through hundreds of tiny, little flowers. It is so beautiful here and I love it, but I am so excited to enter Bolivia in a few days! I know it will not be like Disneyland, but I am anxious to get out and serve as I know that´s where I need to be and that´s why I have entered the Disneyland bubble at all!
Our House
In our room we created a house out of sticks and put our won drawings of each other in there too.  Mine is the one that looks like it has dead bumblebees on the bottoms...but they're really flowers ha, ha!
Funny moments:
One of my favorite parts was when our elders were getting haircuts. One elder didn't particularly care about how his hair got cut, so the other elders encouraged the women to "Shave him like a cat!" So...she did....and he looks like a cat, haha!!
Break the Wrist and Walk Away
This is a photo of our Martial Arts lesson given by Elder Scott.
Another great moment was when Hermana Masina and I were teaching a fake investigator about the law of chastity. During the lesson he asked what it meant to "lust after another women" and why that was bad. However, I thought he was asking for the definition of pornography. I started to talk until I realized that I really didn't know any computer terms. I panicked a little and tried to think of any stories, but couldn't, so I turned to my companion and asked if she had any personal stories associated with his question, hahaha!! We all started to laugh hysterically and couldn't stop for multiple minutes.
Friends in Our District - They will be going to Chicago, Texas and Cali:)
Cultural moment:
Pronouncing last names is apparently also one of the things I need to work on. Hispanic names are a little more challenging to say, and there was one Hispanic who had the last name of "Astle" I completely pronounced this wrong and accidentally swore.
Friends from high school (Hermana Free and Hermana Masina)
Spiritual moment:
I realized that the gift of tongues is something that needs to come with time, faith, hard work, and hope. Thus, I have ceased to pray for the Gift of Tongues as a whole, but rather, for specific attributes of it. After my experience with teaching the law of chastity, I prayed and worked really hard to seek the gift of understanding. Slowly but surely, I have been able to understand much more. The gift of prayer is so powerful!
Hermana Clifford and I will be going to Cochabamba together:)
I love you all! Have a great week and know that I love you all so much!
Hermana Garff

Katie and Jas with the Latina Sisters
Katie will be heading to Bolivia this Friday.  We are convinced that part of the reason the CCM has seemed a bit like Disneyland is because of her great companion.  Jas has been wonderful to her, and has shown her the value of finding the fun in every moment.  What better gift than to learn to find the joy in the journey.  Thanks Hermana Masina!
Hermanas de Cuarto
They are just the BEST!  We laugh so hard every night through our stories and Bible charades!

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