Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day - Still loving Bolivia :D

My pensionista made me a cover for a can:D  It is beautiful, required lots of time,
and makes me smile tremendously every time I see it, displayed proudly in our house:D

Hey Everybody:D
This week was brimming full of appointments, but nearly all of them fell through. No obstante, this week was one of the greatest weeks of the mission because there were ALWAYS miracles that really showed us that God really was right there walking along with us!:D 

This is our wall of miracles:D Every day we make sure to right down 4-5 miracles becuase there truly are so many miracles every day. Sometimes when it seems like there are none, we are easily reminded from our wall that, YES, there are ABOSLUTLEY miracles! 
One of our favorite member families!!:D It is like heaven to walk into their home because it is filled with love. 
Funny: Angela is a girl in our ward who is 8 years old and is SUPER funny! We were in the chapel, practicing a musical number, when she popped her head into the room and decided to join us and also judge us on how good we sounded. After we finished playing, she had two checkmarks next to number 1 and an X next to number 2. I was number one, but we were a bit confused as to the marking for my companion. Angela explained that she sang too low in one place..harsh, haha! It was also super funny, because she drew pictures of us. I will have to send a picture of it next week, but she drew me at the piano with drops of sweat flying off of me because the song I was playing was a bit fast and perhaps I was a bit stressed, haha!:D
El cielo aqui es increible! 
Cultural: It has been a bout 6 months, so I guess I will finally describe what we eat every day:D For breakfast, we usually eat apples, bannanas and oatmeal, but when we are feeling super fancy, we will make eggs, eat granola and throw some bread in the mix. For lunch, we always eat tons of vegetables with some form of potatoes with rice and chicken, but every other day we eat some kind of soup (sometimes with lots of bones, haha:D). For dinner, we eat apples, carrots and bannans ("souper" fancy;D). Sometimes we will eat "dessert" at lunch, but this is usually yogurt with more fruit. It tastes really good, but I definitely miss chocolate, haha:D 

Cuando celebramos una mes nueva, celbramos con BURRRRRRITOS:D 
The dueños aqui know us by name and we are their favorite clients!

Spiritual: We have been teaching a less active family for months, and they have been great to work with. They have attended church 10+ times and this week we were finally able to set a baptismal date with their 8 year old son. He will be baptized on April 1 (this is not a joke;) because this was the same day that his dad was baptized a few years ago! They have really strong testimonies and are excited to be involved in the church again! 
Our house for Valentine´s Day:D 
Happy Valentine's day:D 
Con Amor, 
Hermana Garff 
I was sending a message one night, and apparantly was really tired, haha:D
The sky pic 2:D 

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