Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, February 6, 2017

6 Months Out and Alllll's A' Wailll! (Thank you Trigger! (Robin Hood))

With blazing heat, sometimes you really have to take advantage of the little patches of shade :D
Hey Everyone!

This was such a great week, and a few days ago I hit my 6 month mark; this is crazy! I feel like I started my mission 2 months ago! Also, I would like everyone to know that our bathroom is now fully functioning!:D Our shower drains and our toilet flushes so life is GOOD!
The first time my watch broke, haha!
My watch has broken a few times, but our good, new friend, Augelogio, has not failed to fix it every time! 
Funny: This week was absolutely hilarious!! We got locked in an investigators house for an hour because the dad left and had the only keys to the house, I accidentally told the shower tech-man that we felt electric shocks during our shower (when I can`t understand questions, I just say "YES" because it feels better to say yes....except when my companion shakes her head "no" or we get strange looks from people), and when my companion shared some profound doctrine about the pre-mortal life, I shared some a story from the friend about a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich (what can I say, it looked like a really good story, haha!) This week was also great because our zone activity was some sort of water balloon volleyball and we nearly wet our pants we were laughing so hard:D
Waterballoon Volleyball :D
Cultural: Garbage is collected here with a gigantic garbage truck (like at home), but there are no garbage cans (so people have to wait for the garbage siren to bring their garbage to it). This is pretty neat, but it is a little hard, because the truck alwyas comes at different times during the day.
Cultural Tidbit for the Week:  Bolivian garbage trucks :)
AddMy companion and I purposely matched outfits this week to spice things up.
We were called: Trees of God and Blueberries of God"
"Blueberries de Dios"
Spritual: This week I learned that God works in mysterious ways. We worked really hard this week to get people to church. We were expecting 6 investigators to come, but by the second hour, our hearts were sinking a little, because nobody had come. Right before the first hour of classes started, we felt impressed to walk through the church. When we did this, we saw one of our CONTACTS sitting in one of the classes!!!! His name is Jose and he was one of our last contacts that we had encountered after hours of contacting one of the previous days (so we were really exhausted). Nevertheless, I remember feeling the prompting to contact just one more person. When we follow spiritual promptings, we will always, always be right. God will bless us, and we will never regret kind actions (especially when those kind actions guide people to church!)
The Work :)
Knocking the door of our favorite restaurant, burrrrrritos, hah :D

Have a great week everyone!:D

Con Amor, 
Hermana Garff

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