Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Monday, December 19, 2016

Don't Worry Folks, Harry Potter has a Book of Mormon

Don't Worry Folks, Harry Potter has a Book of Mormon!:D

Merry Christmas Everybody!
I really can´t believe that it is Christmas because it is super hot and sunny here, but I am definitely not complaining:D 
A little more about my companion:)
Hermana Condori is absolutely amazing, and we teach very well together. We have laughed a ton about the plainest things, and we are seeing so many miracles every day:
Funny: For P-day our district decided to play "Walley" which is just volleyball in an enclosed court (which is perfect because who wants to chase a ball anyways;D). Everyone has their own talents, and we decided before hand that we didn't exactly have many skills in this sport, so we wore "Zumba" wristbands to scare everyone away as we could appear a little tougher:D
Cielo is one of our investigators:) She is very nice, and we are working with her on finding a desire to attend church, believe in God, etc. I am teaching her English and she is teaching me how to draw:D
Our pensionista loves to make things very naturally:D
Cultural: The fruits and vegetables are super awesome here because they are very cheap. We just have to peel or soak them in chloride before we eat them to avoid getting sick. Particularly, we have grown quite fond of bananas because they are the cheapest of all, require minimal effort to peel and taste pretty darn good with just about anything. Between the two of us, we ate 40 bananas this past week, haha:D
This family is super awesome!  They are members, and we have received tons of solid references from them.  As a bonus, they have tons of pets including rabbits, hamsters, baby hamsters, dogs, sats, and I think more, haha!
Spiritual: We experience countless miracles every single day. We are teaching great people and we have extended 4 baptismal invitations this last week, and are hoping to help them reach their goals by the end of February. 
Yup - This is a baby hamster.  Way to go Katie!

The Christ statue that the trainers and new missionaries visit before starting to work:D This statue is absolutely beautiful, and we can usually see it from where we work every day. It is a solid reminder that Christ is ALWAYS here and that he is ALWAYS on our side!

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