Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Friday, August 19, 2016

The CCM (That's MTC in Spanish) Thanks Katie.

Katie and Jaslyn Masina
The title of this post was inspired by every missionary who has ever written from this training center. The first mention of its name, CCM, is always followed by "That's MTC in Spanish". Katie has taken great pains to repeat this frequently throughout her letters.
Hey Everyone:)

This was another great week! I met lots of new people and learned a ton. One of the major highlights this week was that I actually learned some martial art kicks and moves from one of the Elders-break the wrist and walk away!

Funny moment: Our classes are all taught in Spanish so sometimes the translations get a bit fuzzy... one day we were talking about stress management and what happens to our bodies when we get stressed. A sweet Elder from our district immediately answered "our pee turns brown!" The teacher paused for a minute and responded "Well, maybe for you…" Later the Elder explained that he thought the question was about what happens when we aren´t hydrated. I have not been able to stop laughing about this!!!
Katie and Jas Masina with friends form the CCM
Cultural moment: Latinos are the absolute GREATEST! I love these people SO much! I was thinking about them one night, when I realized that they actually remind me of minions from despicable me:D They are always so kind, loving and patient (even when they listen to my rough Spanish, haha)

Spiritual moment: I was assigned to teach a Book of Mormon class in all Spanish, so naturally I was a bit panicked as I don´t exactly speak the language. Regardless, I prepared the best I could and prayed diligently for help. The lesson was, in fact, a bit choppy due to language, but the spirit was so strong and I didn´t die so that´s a major plus!

Lastly, I met these super cute Latinas who Jas and I were really great friends with. They had to leave a few days ago, but they were super kind and they gave us these cute friendship bracelets that I wear every day!

The love, prayers and support of people is such an amazing thing!! I know that a major reason I am not homesick is because of all of the support from everyone.

Know that I love you all and am praying for you. Have a good one!

Hermana Garff

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