Sister Katie Garff

Sister Katie Garff
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Friday, August 12, 2016

Complimenting the "Dress of Sin"

Katie and Jas Masina at the Mexico MTC
This picture was graciously shared by the Masina family!

Katie arrvied at the CCM to find out that her companion was to be Jaslyn Masina, an amazing girl that she served with in Student Government at Skyline High School. Jas is someone that everyone loves, simply because she loves everyone. We consider this a tender mercy. Knowing that she is in good hands helps us a lot back home.
Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I felt so uplifted and comforted during the first two weeks! The CCM (that´s MTC in Spanish;)) is absolutely beautiful and the spirit is incredible here. The best part about the CCM is that everyone is so nice here (especially the natives that are putting up with my struggling Spanish, haha)! Please know that you are all included in my prayers right along with my desire to obtain the gift of tongues...)
At the Mexico Temple.  Jas and Katie are the only sisters in their district.
Thanks for the photo Jas!
Funny moments: "Me gusta su vestido de pecado." I intended to compliment a sister on her dress with fishes on it, but I ended up complimenting her "dress of sin" instead. Whoops! I made tons of gringo mistakes similar to that one this week, but hey, it definitely creates lots of laughter! Also, there are tons of large green circles with arrows on them so my companion and I make it a point to jump directly in the center whenever we see one...which is about every hundred yards, haha!
Katie and Jas in one of the many green circles
Thanks for the photo Jas!
Cultural: Mom, I love your cooking, but it was pretty shocking to enter the CCM to find out that we get fed three hot meals every single day. It´s great!;)
Thanks (once again) for the photo Jas!
Spiritual Moments: Last week was Fast Sunday and it was incredible to listen to everyone's testimonies in Spanish. Although we all struggled to speak in Spanish, the spirit was incredibly strong! Also, we all had the privilege to go to the Mexico City temple. It was absolutely beautiful and the peace it allowed was incredible!

I love you all, have the best darn week of your life!;)


Hermana Garff

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  1. It makes my heart so happy that these two girls are together! Love these two!